For any investor or speculator of bitcoin and any crypto asset, it is important to know the real-time price and history of these digital assets. Therefore, we will indicate the best portals to see crypto prices at any time.


The best portals to see the bitcoin price

The expansion of the internet has facilitated access to any type of information, which has weakened our confidence in what we find online. Studies show that much of the information contained in the network does not have a source that can be verified. In this article, we will provide you with the best portals to view the bitcoin price in real time and safely.



CoinmarketCap is the most used portal currently to know the price of bitcoin, since it allows you to view the average price of the main exchanges, as well as the volume of each exchange, have access to a history of the price of bitcoin and of a whole universe of cryptocurrencies; also offering advanced features worth exploring.



Like CoinMarketCap,  the CoinPaprika portal is another of the best portals to see crypto prices. The concept is quite similar, but it adds information from ICOs and projects that are in the fundraising stage, prior to the creation of their tokens.
It is also possible to obtain relevant information about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as the historical maximums, the time that has passed before reaching that level, historical minimums and complete statistics of the evolution of the asset.



Finally, we include in this small list of the best portals to see crypto prices to CoinGecko. This platform provides information that includes decentralized exchanges, data about real-time transaction fees, number of active nodes, and relevant data on the status of major blockchains. It is an excellent option to obtain extensive information on bitcoin and many crypto assets.

Now you have the ideal tools to keep up with your favorite cryptocurrencies at any time! For more informative articles like these, check out the Bitcaribe Academy!