Quantum computing and bitcoin

Quantum computing and Bitcoin: what you should know

Quantum computing and Bitcoin are a hot topic in today’s digital landscape. Google has claimed ‘quantum supremacy’ on its Sycamore quantum processor. The term ‘quantum supremacy’ […]
What is the Blockchain

What is the blockchain and how does it work?

The blockchain is one of the most trending topics of the digital world in recent times. In this article, the focus will be to understand what […]
the-relevance-of-the-blockchain-technology beyond-bitcoin

The relevance of the blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin

The relevance of the blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin is an area that until now has had relatively little reception in the technological world. However, this does […]
Blockchain in journalism to fight fake news

Can the blockchain be used in journalism to fight fake news?

In this ever-growing digital world, falsified information has become an increasingly difficult challenge for journalism. One possible solution to this every-day problem could be to use […]

Are stablecoins the future of cryptocurrency?

Nowadays, “stablecoins” are considered to be the safer version of cryptocurrency, as they enable users to enjoy the benefits of interacting in the ecosystem of the […]
Currency War

Digital Currency War

Is there a digital currency war going on? The present and even more so the future is digital. There is no doubt about that. From your […]