The Freedom to Choose

BitCaribe develop products and services -based on blockchain technology- for individuals, retail stores, e-commerce, traders and investors.

We strive to maintain high quality standards and provide functional solutions for our users.


Our vision is to break borders and bring people closer together through evolving technologies.

Fuelling the Power of Crypto

We have seen the power that cryptocurrencies can have, and we believe in its potential and the technologies that underpin it.

That’s why we are developing a series of products that deliver this potential to emerging digital communities.


Our team members

At Bitcaribe, we are more than just a group of people. We are a disciplinary team with a growing presence in the industry, domestically and internationally.

Our connections with advisors and multiple associations drives our growth. These things combined make it possible for us to bring our range of forward-thinking products to the Caribbean and Latin American regions, changing the way communities manage, send, and spend their money.


Partners and allies

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We are constantly searching for people who share our vision, skills, and passion. If you think you have what it takes to be one of us, and want to help us to build blockchain-based financial solutions to the Caribbean and Latin American regions, we would love to hear from you.


Paving the Path Ahead

The Bitcaribe roadmap

Raising the Bar

Apart from the launch of BitcaribeX, BitcaribePay and (BitcaribeHedge), we will be rolling out in 2020 two very powerful solutions for individuals and merchants in the region:

BitcaribeWallet 🔗

Bitcaribe's cryptocurrency wallet will have the capacity to manage more than 15 cryptocurrencies, among others tokens. The wallet will use a human-readable name system for customised wallet names, linked to a blockchain address; BitcaribeWallet will be compatible with older operating system versions. Our philosophy is to open the door into a new digital world, accessible by low-income communities too.


We have partnered with a world leader in POS technologies, to become Official Distributors in the region. This will allow retail stores to enjoy high-end POS devices, adapted for cryptocurrency- based transactions, along with fiat currencies, such as USD, Euros and more.

  • Q1 2020

    ✅ Fiat/crypto platform
    In January 2020, Bitcaribe launched a platform that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies with debit card, credit card or ApplePay.
  • Q1 2020

    ✅ Bitcaribe Exchange
    In February 2020, Bitcaribe released the first version of its crypto-crypto exchange. It includes the most highly demanded crypto-assets as well as the main stablecoins in the market.
  • Q1 2020

    BitcaribeHedge will offer portfolio management and a OTC trading desk for small and large investors.
  • Q3 2020

    BitcaribePay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows ecommerce merchants to add more than 17 cryptocurrecies as payment method, manage direct conversion into dollars and send these funds to their bank accounts at very low fees.
  • Q4 2020

    Deployment of our POS
    Bitcaribe will deploy a first batch of its blockchain-based Point of Sale (POS) devices in the island of Curazao, to allow for near-instant transactions and payments at incredibly low costs. Upon this highly anticipated release, merchants and consumers will have access to instantaneous liquidity for transactions and payments in crypto.
  • Q1 2021

    Bitcaribe Exchange (full version)
    The upgrade of the exchange will offer the ability to trade not only with cryptocurrencies, but between fiat currencies of some Caribbean and Latin America countries.
  • Q1 2021

    BitcaribeWallet Launch
    We will launch our mobile cryptocurrency wallet (BitcaribeWallet), allowing users to securely store and transact various cryptocurrencies through a mobile app.