bitcoin halving

Bitcoin Halving explained in 500 words

Bitcoin halving refers to the preplanned reduction of block rewards to the so-called Bitcoin miners. These rewards are cut in half at regular intervals every 4 […]
Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

3 ways to buy Bitcoin with PayPal

If you want to buy Bitcoin with PayPal you first need to find a reliable trading platform or peer-to-peer marketplace that offers the option to use […]
How to buy Bitcoin with credit card

How to buy Bitcoin with credit card: a guide for 2020

To buy Bitcoin with credit card you must have either Visa or Mastercard. You will also need a wallet where you can receive the funds after […]
What is a cryptocurrency?

What is a cryptocurrency? A simple explanation

After 2017, the words “Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrencies” reached the ears of millions of people. The rise in the price of Bitcoin to $20,000 attracted the gaze […]

What can you expect from Bitcoin halving? (May 2020)

In this segment we will analyze the price of Bitcoin for the month of May 2020. Just days from the next Bitcoin Halving, we will try […]