💳 Buy cryptocurrency with credit card

In Bitcaribe's reliable and easy-to-use platform, you can buy cryptocurrencies with a bank card or even ApplePay. We also offer a wallet platform with which you can receive and send dozens of crypto assets.

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An All-Inclusive Approach
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Bitcaribe is an innovative company that delivers robust financial solutions based on blockchain technology.

We develop various products that are simple, secure, and designed to improve your experience when transacting and managing money.


Enter the new cryptocurrency era with Bitcaribe! We offer a simplified experience that allow you to store, send and receive instantaneously your cryptocurrencies.


In Bitcaribe, we include pairs with the main and most accepted stablecoins. Hedge against the market volatility and preserve the value of your positions

Paxos USD Tether USDC True USD Gemini USD

BitcaribePay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway, allowing online retailers to accept more than 17 cryptocurrencies with security, fast settlements and low fees. E-commerces will enjoy the benefits that accepting crypto brings, and yet be able to receive USD or EUR as settlement, in order to avoid volatility risks.


The Blockchain industry is still young, but it’s here to stay. Its potential is huge, and the possibilities attract more and more private and institutional investors every day.

Backed by Experience

Our team possesses vast experience in the crypto market, flawlessly managing large investments and capital amounts on behalf of our investors.

Crypto assets portfolio management

For individuals and institutions looking for solid and stable yield returns through the the investment in cryptoassets, we provide cutting-edge portfolio management and rebalancing, risk analysis and a high performance ratios; Get optimal security methods and a total confidentiality framework.

Over-the-counter (OTC)

This 1-to-1 service allows you to quickly, safely and discreetly exchange large quantities of crypto-assets through a single operation.

We offer high volumes of liquidity to cover OTC operations starting at $20,000. We support different fiat and cryptocurrencies. Contact us to get more information.

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